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Collective Intelligence

Apr 20, 2018

Question: What do you get when you connect a bunch of friends who have worked in or written about security for a long time over a few drinks and fried chicken? Answer: A 62-minute dissection of the RSA Conference, security buzzwords, marketing missteps and lots more that's top-of-mind in the industry.

This semi-annual podcast was recorded this week in San Francisco during the RSA Conference and features Flashpoint's Mike Mimoso and Jennifer Leggio, Decipher journalists Dennis Fisher and Fahmida Rashid and Tendermint head of security Jessy Irwin

Up for discussion is a wide array of topics starting with blockchain and its applicability—if any—for information security, as well as privacy, the impending GDPR deadline, hardware bug disclosures, RSA Conference and how to do security marketing correctly without introducing more harm or risk.